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Considering Charter Yacht Ownership?
Let Vic Hansen Be Your "Buyer's Broker"

Vic specializes in finding the right boat for an owner, as well as one that meets the chartering needs of the SFY fleet. Here are five advantages of letting Vic be your "Buyer's Broker":

  1. Vic PhotoThere's no need for you to scour the country looking at boats. Vic will locate, inspect and pre-qualify yachts for you. He will only present yachts to you which meet your budget and your specifications, along with the SFY fleet standards. Finding the right boat may take three weeks or three months. Vic will spend whatever time is necessary to find your "dream" boat.

  2. While most brokers will sell you any yacht and "cast you off" the dock after the sale. At SFY, we have to live with your yacht. Our mission is to find the best boat possible for you because our name will be on it!

  3. With nearly 20 years in the chartering business, Vic can direct you to the type, size, make or model of boat that will charter well. Not every boat makes a good charter yacht. Vic can give you revenue and expense projections based on the particular boat that you select.

  4. It is not necessary to purchase a new boat for charter. The SFY fleet has boats from two to twenty years old! However, if choosing an older boat, Vic will work with you to define the potential costs of equipping, repairing, or upgrading the yacht to make it "charter ready". In some cases, these expenses might even be financed into the purchase price of the yacht.

  5. If you wish to finance your yacht, Vic will assist you with contacting high quality marine financing companies. Prior to beginning your search for a boat, you will need pre-approved financing and a deposit in our Escrow Account equal to 10% of your boat-buying budget. (For example, if you are looking in the $100,000 range, a deposit of $10,000 is required.) In order to make an offer on a boat, this 10% deposit is required anyway. Having your deposit in escrow makes you "ready to go" when the right boat comes along! Boat-buying shouldn't be a nightmare. With proper planning, Vic can help make your yacht ownership dream come true.

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